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A Writer Needs A Quiet Nook To Write His Book

...we all need a quiet place to think...
Admit it, it's hard. You had a fantastic idea to put down on paper, but you lost it. It slipped away. You became distracted. Who could blame you? Maybe it was the twins fighting in the living-room as you struggled with your plot in the corner. Maybe it was the spouse's need to turn the tv up as loud as it can go during the ball game as you tried to concentrate on character development. Maybe it was the phone or the front door, unwelcome interruptions from time to time that assure your profession as a fiction writer remains exactly that, fiction.
It's paramount that all writers who work at home have their own special place to write. A place that is for the expressed purpose of writing. A quiet nook under the stairs. A small study in an upstairs room. A place where you control the environment. The goal is to provide surroundings that are conducive to writing. I mean, isn't that the point? The next big thing is setti…