Writing Thought for Saturday, April 26th 2008

...write about what inspires you...

One benefit of aging is wisdom.  Take notice...I didn't say profound wisdom.  A wise man once said, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  How true!  Imagine if each of us woke up each day knowing that we were about to do that which we loved?  How quickly our days would pass...and how long our evenings and weekends would become.  Many of us don't have the option of quitting our current job and setting off on a selfish binge to do what we like...but...why can't we make that happen for ourselves just on the level that affects our writing?  Why not write about the things you love?  Why not write about the things that inspire you...that you are interested in?  How tedious of an undertaking would it be to write a romance when every fiber of your being hates those genre of books with Fabio on the cover?  If your heart isn't in to it...then you won't be giving the subject your best.  Writing is about being honest with yourself...maybe not honest as it relates to fictional work...but in being true to your talent and yourself.  So, pick a genre and a subject that you love...that puts you on the right track and makes your journey far less arduous than it has to be.  Because, the truth is...writing is really really difficult and we don't need to add to the burden of it.



Food for thought and for the eyes!

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