Writing Thought for Sunday, April 27th, 2008

...the one absolute in writing is that there are no absolutes...

     The only rule in writing you can count on...is the rule that all rules are null and void.  You may not know how to write...you may not own a typewriter or a laptop...you may even find most books uber-boring...but for some strange reason you find yourself jotting down some thoughts in a notepad at the most awkward times.  You soak in the tub and think of dastardly plots...murder mysteries...family inheritance schemes...or even of a torrid romance between a simple gardener and his Duchess.  You are a writer.  Even if not in deed...you are in practice...with no writing credits to your name or publication sales...you still have a hunger to populate your local library with your literary works.  Some of you may be familiar with self-help books.  I certainly am.  I like reading them.  I find that they generally inspire me and they give me a viewpoint that people everywhere struggle with writing...I am NOT ALONE!  There are writing podcasts you can subscribe to for free that will inspire you and give you some insight on what may work for you as a writer.  You will find some things that will work...other things that won't...and still other things that won't work now but after some time has passed (maybe years in some cases) will begin to work.  We all evolve.  We all change.  Hopefully for the better.  Writing is a journey.  As a writer...don't be afraid to try new things.  See the sites.  I recommend several podcasts for the new writer...the old writer...lol...the struggling writer.  Aren't we all struggling?  Check out Mur Lafferty's "I Should Be Writing".  Also, check out Kimi's "Tale Chasing".  Writing is for the most part...an ala carte activity.  Pick and choose what works for you.



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